Systemize Your Weight Loss

Use the Pareto Plan method to systemize your highest priorities and achieve maximum success from your efforts
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

The biggest key to weight loss that I have found after losing over 60 pounds and counting…


That’s it.  Literally 1 word that I avoided for most of my life has been the breakthrough needed.

I’m not talking about technological systems, phone apps, or some guru system being advertised on social media.

I am talking about personal systems that drive everything I do daily, especially in the early morning hours.

My early morning system is constantly evolving and growing as I get comfortable and find ways to create more efficiency.  So don’t think (as I incorrectly thought for years) that building systems into your life will trap you into some robotic method of living.

My systems were started thanks to a philosophy taught to me in the first mastermind I ever attended called the Pareto Plan.  In short, the Pareto Plan is basically a system that allows you to prioritize the most important tasks for first thing in the morning.

For an example, here is my current Pareto Plan:

4am – Wake Up

415am – drink glass of water, take Mind Bullet supplement, make LMNT Water, fill out gratitude journal (G-Code)

430am – Fasted Zone 2 Cardio + Audible Book (30-45 minutes)

5/515am – Grab coffee and sit down to do creative work: write 500+ words, learn a language (20 minutes), schedule posts/blogs/emails, occasionally zoom meetings

7am – Family time until school/daycare

CrossFit is for all ages, skill levels, early birds, and late risers

In the span of 3 hours, I have been able to hit every major personal goal, including weight loss, before anyone else in my house has woken up and before life can potentially throw a curve ball at me.  If life, as it tends to do, does throw a curve ball at me and distracts me for the rest of the day I can remain confident that I still had a very productive day no matter what happens.

The point of this is not to advocate for 4am wakeups.  I know plenty of successful people that start their days at 5:30-7am.  The point is that having a system to guide what you do from the time you wake up until you’ve accomplished your most important daily tasks is incredibly important to your success.  For me, due to how early my son wakes up, it is mandatory that I start my day at 4am or earlier to be productive on my deep work before he needs me.

You may not have deep/creative work to complete every morning and your focus is specifically weight loss.  If I was in those shoes, I would take the creative work time and replace it with breakfast followed by my strength training regimen.  Currently my strength training happens in the late morning or early afternoon depending on my appointments for the day. If I was working a routine 8/9-5 work schedule, I would get my strength work done in the evening right after work.

Regardless of what time and order you choose to complete your workouts, having a plan and a system in place to guide your mornings can help you blast through plateaus, outside distractions, negative self-talk, etc.  If you rely on your proven system, you will damn near be able to sleepwalk right through your morning and come out the other side more productive than you have been in years.  

How much more confident in all facets of your life would you be if you could become more productive, more fit, and more educated every day?  

Beginner: Don’t have a regular wake up time, start there and set a goal time to wake up every day regardless of what time you go to bed.

Intermediate: Have a regular wake up time, try waking up 15 minutes earlier for a week.  If that goes well add some gratitude to your mornings (I like the G-Code app by Ryan Stewman).  Then start lowering it 15 minutes every week or two until you hit your goal wake up time

Advanced: Already waking up super early, audit your morning routine and see if you can make it more efficient and productive.  What about adding an additional skill lesson to your mornings like learning a language on a phone app?  I personally like Duolingo.

Whatever level you are at, take the time to audit your goals, prioritize 1 area that you want to improve on and build your morning systems around that goal.  I can attest to the power this decision will have on your life if you stay the course and constantly aim to improve it.

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