The Old College Try

Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

The Old College Try

I don’t know the origins of that saying.

I am guessing it was a common phrase back in the day when college was the only acceptable and known way to get ahead in life and carve out a successful career.

Parents probably spent a lot of time encouraging their children to “just give it a try” and see if you can scrape your way through the system into a solid paying career.  

My grandfather was a college professor, and he famously told my dad and many years later myself, “grades don’t matter, just get your units”.  I imagine that was the essence of the phrase ‘the old college try’.

Fitness and nutrition often market a similar story of just trying and you “might” see results.  The companies that market this way are also the easiest to access financially and make it easy to keep a membership for years and years without any guilt about paying and not using it.  

In fact, that is their entire goal!  Like colleges that get paid for the units you sign up for regardless of if you pass or not, large-scale low-cost gyms get paid whether you take advantage of their amenities or not.  If a traditional gym had all 10,000 of its members using the gym regularly the maintenance, and staff requirements alone would require the gym to significantly raise its monthly price.

For coach-led gyms like CFT, attendance is the only way to see results and results are what we care about the most.  We want you to attend and get the most out of your membership because our main goal is to help 5000 people beat obesity and chronic disease in the Tracy area.  We can’t accomplish this goal if we are not reaching, engaging, and helping with as many people as possible every single day.  That is why we have created staff positions unique to the fitness industry like our Client Success Manager, and we gave away coffee mugs to each of our active members in January that has a slip inside stating how many times they checked into the gym in 2022.  

Member Appreciation Gift: Coffee Mugs + Attendance Record for 2022

The best way to set realistic tangible attendance goals is to know what base you’re building from.  If you only averaged 1-2x/week in 2022 then a goal of attending 5x/week in January 2023 as part of your resolutions might be overkill and require some time to build to.  Data is another way we strive to help our members succeed and separate themselves from the unnecessary stress of the average commuter in a town like Tracy, CA.

At CFT, we want you to give it the old college try, but we also want to go out of our way to help you see it all the way through and obtain all the units you need to live a life free from the constraints of obesity, chronic disease, and inactivity.  

It starts with booking a complimentary No Sweat Intro Session with our Client Success Manager, Katie, HERE

If you are interested specifically in a Habit Based Nutrition program that can be done from anywhere, you can sign up for a complimentary Nutrition Assessment with Coach Shannon HERE

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