Facing Adversity

Handling adversity can get a lot easier when you are pushing through tough asks of yourself daily
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

My car battery died.

It died at possibly one of the worst times you could imagine in a very difficult place to get to. 

I brought my wife out to SF for a minor surgical procedure. 

I waited for her to get set up and then I headed back down to the parking garage with the intention of driving to a coffee shop for a few hours.

The car had other plans. 

The car battery was dead. No lights left on, no other issues that could be found, it was just dead. A dead battery is annoying. 

A dead battery 3 levels below the street in a parking garage an hour from home while your wife is under the knife is a whole different animal 

The old me that used to wake up late, avoid action for the easy way (aka defer to a later time TBD), workout only when it was a perfect scenario, etc. would’ve panicked and probably still be panicking right now. 

The present version of myself that got up at 430am after a shit night of sleep because that’s what time I needed to get up had a different plan. I let myself get pissed for about 60 seconds until I felt the familiar panic starting to set in. That’s when I chose to take action by searching for a tow company in the area that could fit in a parking garage with a 6’5” height limit.

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Long story long, I got lucky on my first call and not only got the car started but he also went as far as to run a diagnostic on the engine and the alternator so I knew for a fact it was the battery or something else and could prevent this from happening again.

The result is we learned that a lot of the batteries in that make and model year have similar issues with running out of juice years ahead of when they should.  So we got the battery replaced that day and have been good ever since.

I learned today that taking consistent action in your life by doing the hard things that most won’t do has a much larger effect on your life than you could ever imagine. It not only helps you find the time to stay in shape and work on your business, but it could also prepare you for unplanned stressful events that require actions over emotions.

What actions are you avoiding in your daily life that could translate into growth in other facets of your life?  

Not sure where to start?  Reach out and let us at CFT Fitness help!

Note: Highly recommend Calderon Tow & Auto if you’re in need of assistance with your vehicle in the SF Bay Area. Reasonable prices and he legitimately gives a shit.

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