How to Avoid Quitting Your Resolutions

The answer to avoiding the dreaded resolution fall off point may surprise you
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

The struggle is real.  

We all struggle with something in our lives just about every day.

That is just how life was conditioned to go.

That does not mean that we must let the struggles regardless of how major or minor they are dictate our attitudes and how we treat others.

How many of us can attest to sabotaging good things in our lives when our attitudes turn negative?  I sure as hell know I can.  Whether we intentionally start fights with those closest to us or ignore the nutrition program we have been diligently following successfully for a while.

Having a bad day is normal and no one should be faulted for letting things get to us every now and then.  Assuming you didn’t do anything horrible as a result obviously.

The real concern comes in when we let that bad day snowball into 2 bad days, or a bad week.  A bad week can easily become a few bad weeks which is now a habit.

I know the likelihood of you picking fights with those closest to you is probably very low.  But what about abandoning your nutrition program or skipping the gym consistently?

That seems like an easy habit to get into does it not?  I know I can speak from experience on that and answer emphatically, YES.

When that happens you generally isolate from your gym friends and coaches as well because you don’t want to face the “shame” you feel that is completely unwarranted.  If your gym fam truly makes you feel shame for falling off the wagon, you need to find a new gym ASAP.

It is really hard to accept support when you’re in those personal ruts of self-destruction, but I encourage you to try and allow yourself to receive it even if you do not return to your healthy habits right away.

Just leaning into the support and love of those around you that want to see you succeed like your gym fam, friends, and loved ones can start to release pressure from the negativity that has taken over.

Why is this such an important topic? 

It is the time of year where people have fallen off their resolutions and are struggling to figure out what is next.  If you are on the wrong side of your resolutions, the best thing you can do is pick yourself back up and start setting some new short-term goals.  Some examples of short term goals and habit stacking.

If your workouts were regularly 60 minutes:

Week 1 – 30 Minute workouts

Week 2 – 45 Minute workouts

Week 3 – Back to 60 minute workouts at your favorite gym*

*If you did not have a favorite gym or gym fam to help hold you accountable this is a great time to do so with a gym like CFT Fitness

Join a supportive gym culture

Restarting a healthy diet plan:

Week 1 – Add more protein to your meals for satiety

Week 2 – Add more veggies than carbs to your plate

Week 3 – Start incorporating the original meal plan into your meals*

*If you never followed a custom meal plan or coach led habit based nutrition program, I highly recommend seeking one out like CFT Nutrition

If you never started any positive resolutions the same recommendation applies but I recommend starting with even smaller short-term goals like 10 min walks or adding 30g of extra lean protein to your daily diet.  Stack onto those goals weekly like the example above until you are confident in yourself enough to join a coach led gym like CFT for that next level of success.

Falling off healthy habits through self-sabotage or due to being overly stressed can happen to anyone.  It does happen to just about everyone in one way or another.  The difference between those with consistent success and those that struggle for years and years fluctuating in weight and fitness level is consistency.

The consistently successful people pick themselves back up quickly, acknowledge that they had a bad day (or two) and move right back into focus on their goals.  They don’t admonish themselves or allow a bad day of eating/skipping the gym to be the excuse to quit.  They know that a short rough patch is not enough to derail long term success.  

You need to know that too and be ready to remind yourself repeatedly when the time comes.  

If you are ready for that next level of consistency and long-term success, then your next steps are to find the right gym and nutrition program (if you don’t already have them).  I recommend starting with CFT Fitness where motivation and accountability are built into every facet of the program and has helped hundreds of people achieve their health goals over the last 13 years.  

There are plenty of great gyms in the area to choose from and if CFT is not the right fit the staff at CFT will happily help to find you a gym that will be.  Our goal of helping 5000 people in the Tracy area beat obesity and chronic disease does not just stop within our 4 walls.  

If you are interested in learning more, you can sign up for a No Sweat Intro with our Client Success Manager HERE

If you are interested specifically in a Habit Based Nutrition program that can be done from anywhere, you can sign up for a complimentary Nutrition Assessment with Coach Shannon HERE

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