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Your first experience at a gym is extremely important. Learn about CFT's "First Day Experience" in this blog
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

At CFT Fitness, we pride ourselves on being the most professional and experienced coaching staff in the area.  While being professional and experienced is very important we also highly value patience and kindness equally.  We exist to demystify the false narrative that has been told about CrossFit for many years by helping people find lifechanging success within our walls.  This success can happen even if our clients start as nervous first-timers that have never been to a gym before.

We utilize a special onboarding method we have developed over the last 10+ years that starts with a No Sweat Intro to find out your goals and to create the perfect plan for you to achieve them.  We don’t throw people right into a large group fitness class without first making a plan like any professional would.

Once we have created a well thought out plan we set you up with your own private coach that will work with you in a 1-on-1 or small group setting (dependent on your situation) to get ready to enter our CrossFit classes with confidence and knowledge. Every day you will be welcomed by our smiling and knowledgeable Front Desk Staff that can help you with checking into class, where to put your things, introduce you to your class coach, and any other questions you may have.  During your time at CFT you will receive regular check-ins from our Client Success Manager, Katie, to make sure you are seeing success and receiving all the support you need to stick to your personal plan.  Our Client Success Manager also puts together a Welcome Package that includes a CFT shirt to wear proudly around town, a shaker bottle with some basic supplement samples we recommend, self-guided nutrition kickstart guide that has tons of amazing info to help you get your nutrition on track, and much more!

We often get asked similar questions that are generally brought on be nerves and a lack of knowledge about CrossFit.  Let’s go over a few of them to help put you more at ease with what to expect.  

-In-Shape to Start

You do not need to be “in-shape” to start CrossFit at CFT.  That may have been true at other places you’ve visited/researched but at CFT we meet you where you’re at and use our personal prescriptions along with our multi-tiered CrossFit programming to get you where you have always desired to be.

-Judgement Free Zone

There is no need to worry about people judging you here at CFT.  Many of us left traditional gyms and joined CFT to get away from the judgement and shaming and we have never forgotten how that felt.  This is a judgement free zone where people are free to be who they are regardless of skin color, race, creed, fitness level, political beliefs, etc.  Just be authentically yourself and you will find a second home at CFT

-Barbell = Bulky

There is a common misconception about lifting weights and body composition that we hear all the time.  “I don’t want to lift heavy weights and get ‘bulky’”.  There are a number of factors about why some people may gain bulk from lifting weights but none of them have to do with the weights themselves.  Most that bulk are following a dietary program designed for them to gain weight and muscle specifically.  If you are eating to lose weight/size or maintain your current weight/size you are not going to bulk from lifting heavier weights.  In fact, lifting weights is proven to help you lean out even more, not gain size.

Whatever questions you may have prior to or while being a part of our CFT Fam, we are excited to help you find the answers.  We do our best to consistently educate and be proactive with answering your questions through our email list that you can be a part of by signing up for No Sweat Intro here: Change Your Life.

You can always reach out to our Client Success Manager, Katie for anything you need as well!

Not ready to commit but want to continue learning and also kickstart your healthy eating habits?  Feel free to check out the more than 100recipes on our website here: Healthy Recipes

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