5 Ways to Beat Boredom

Boredom is a killer of progress and can be derailing you and being masked as other issues. Read this to find out if that is true
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

Let me tell you, boredom is your absolute worst enemy. 

There is nothing more detrimental to the longevity of a heathy balanced fitness and nutrition routine than boredom.

The kind of enemy that takes no prisoners while constantly whispering in your ear that you could be doing something more productive with your time then meal prepping/working out/cooking/etc.

If you have created a healthy routine that has been ongoing for less than 12 months or so you’re probably wondering what exactly I’m talking about.  Boredom is not the actual cause of people to fall off the wagon, but it is the most used term to describe why people fell off.

Let’s dig into the actual root causes of boredom and how you can maneuver, modify, and push through the boredom wall for long lasting consistency in fitness and nutrition.

There are 5 common causes of boredom:

1. Your routine is too repetitive.  

2. Your workout plan lacks constant variation.

3. You are not seeing the same consistent results you did when you first started.

4. Working out alone leaves you without accountability partners

5. Lack of a workout plan altogether (make it up as you go)

Now let’s talk about solutions to the problems above:

1. Your routine is too repetitive: That doesn’t mean the same thing as consistency.  Repetitive behavior can become boring rather quickly.  To resolve this try changing up your workout schedule if possible.  If you attend a group fitness model like CFT this can also include mixing in with a new group of people from your community which also alters the mood of your workout.  A slight change in your routine can cause your body and mind to go back into adaptation mode which reinvigorates your senses as you navigate something “new”

2. Your workout plan lacks constant variation: If you workout in a quality CrossFit gym, you know constantly varied movement is one of the foundations of the workout program.  However, many traditional programs still work on a linear progression model which can definitely get your results but the program also requires you to do the same movements over and over week in and week out for 6-12 week cycles.  If you do not have an extremely focused reason for doing so that can keep you hooked, you will struggle with the lack of variation.  This is like the downfall of #1 above.  Try finding a program that offers more variation and functionality like a CrossFit gym to spice things up and get your body back to learning new and exciting things regularly.

3. You are not seeing the same consistent results you did when you first started: This is a fact everyone must face eventually.  Many people can see consistent results in the gym for upwards of a year, sometimes longer.  Eventually though, the noticeable improvements start to become more intermittent and the time it takes to achieve even small improvements can start taking weeks or months to achieve.  This does not mean that you are not getting stronger, faster, fitter, etc. It just simply means that your body has hit a solid level of overall fitness and you need to change your mindset from short term to long term results.  This does not mean that you won’t see improvements, new personal bests, and/or physical changes.  They just won’t be as pronounced and profound as they were when you were first starting out.  Shifting your mindset to accept this change in response to your hard work in the gym will allow you to find more peace and joy in your workout routine and create the longevity you need to stay healthy for life.

4. Working out alone leaves you without accountability partners: If there is one major downfall to working out alone, it is the lack of support from someone who understands what you are going through when you are struggling with the motivation to keep going.  That doesn't mean your friends or family don’t care about your struggle, but they probably are not going to understand to the level of empathy and accountability partner that is in the trenches with you would.  At a gym like CFT, you have an entire CFT Fam to lean on as well as a Client Success Manager and multiple coaches who all understand what you are going through and that want to help you get through it.  If you are not at a gym like CFT and are not interested in joining at the moment, at least take the time to find a likeminded workout/accountability partner to train with so you have that direct support needed when things get really tough.

Accountability is a game changer

5. Lack of a workout plan altogether (make it up as you go): We have all probably been there at one point or another in our fitness journey.  That point where we figure all we need is a $20/month gym membership and we can figure it out from there.  That has worked out well for some but, in most cases, they often have a strong background in exercise, nutrition, and/or workout planning.  For the rest of us, trying to make it up as we go leads to minimal results, tons of wasted time wandering around the gym figuring out what to do next, no structure, and often leads to a long day on the cardio equipment with no rhyme or reason.  There are a million online workout programs to choose from if you feel a traditional gym is the best option for yourself that can guide you through a well thought out program.  You may still end up with issues seen in #2 and #4 going the route of online program if you aren’t careful.  You can hire a personal trainer at the traditional gym but make sure that the trainer’s skill set aligns with your goals and personality for the best success.  A personal trainer can be a high barrier entry cost if you want to see results as you will want to meet a minimum of 2-3x per week to insure you get results.  Lastly, you can join a gym like CFT where the workouts are programmed for you and there are multiple levels of the program that can be infinitely scalable to meet you where you are and help you to rise to the fitness and health levels you desire.

There are a multitude of options for you to conquer boredom and create long lasting success with your fitness and health.  You have to first start with identifying the root issues causing the boredom and work quickly to fix them.  Any of the solutions provided can do the trick.  You are not alone and the feelings you are battling are not different than most others who have been in your same position.  

The difference between those that are still getting after it and those that are not?  The people you know that are still getting after it identified the root cause of their boredom and lack of motivation and took action to make a change.

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