Determine WHO not HOW

Learn the importance of determining who can help you and see an immediate increase in your success in fitness and weight loss!
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

In the book “Who Not How”, the author commonly refers to the solution to problems as a “who” problem and not a “how” problem.

Instead of asking how can I improve my fitness you should be asking who can help me improve my fitness.

You can go online and find a million how’s from different workout styles to online challenges to local gyms.  The hard part is not finding how to achieve your goals.  That can simply be accomplished by choosing a gym that offers the right fitness style and culture for your personality and committing to showing up.  If only it were that simple…

If it were that simple, we would not be currently struggling through an obesity epidemic that is causing chronic diseases to restrict people’s quality of life.  So if it is not the “how” then it must be the “who” that matters.

Personal Training is proven to increase your success over large group classes

At CFT Fitness, for example, we have been able to successfully help change lives for over 12 years including through a worldwide pandemic because we always put our main emphasis on who was providing the fitness coaching.  At CFT we believe the implementation of our programs is far more important than the workout itself.  We obviously believe that CrossFit is the best group training methodology for general fitness and health improvement.  However, each person is unique with their own goals and dreams and our coaches need to be trained on how to properly modify workouts to fit everyone’s individual needs.  This is one of the many reasons we start each class with 3 different workout levels aimed at different fitness avatars from beginners to advanced movers.  We can then home in a more specific plan with each member of the class due to the consistent and extensive training we put each one of our coaches through.

At CFT, the importance of “who” is put on display every day in every single class and personal training session so that we can continue to work towards achieving our goal of helping 5000 people in the local Tracy area overcome obesity and chronic disease.  Combine the passion and knowledge of the coach with a community of like-minded people all looking to raise the bar on their health for themselves and those around them and you have a unique combination.  

Whether you are joining a gym to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or to make some new friends, “who” is a far more important question to ask then “how”.  At CFT, we have gone ahead and done the work for you by prioritizing the right coaches and members to solve all your reasons for joining a gym ahead of time.

It starts with booking a complimentary No Sweat Intro Session with our Client Success Manager, Katie, HERE

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