Accomplishing the Hard Stuff #2 - Consistency

Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

We continue the series with a truly game changing topic today.  If you have not been following along or are new to CFT and would like more context on this series, you can lookback at the last blog post for part 1. Today we are discussing a topic that, when mentioned out loud, has garnered some very peculiar reactions. This is due to the entire approach being somewhat the antithesis of what we have been taught for most, if not all, of our lives.  In this installment of the “Accomplishing Hard Stuff” blog series, lowering the bar and raising the floor.  

If that has set off alarm bells in your head and made you want to shut off your computer/phone that is ok!  Please give this thought a chance by finishing the blog and really let this thought sink deep into your consciousness.  First, let’s quickly breakdown the philosophy of lowering the bar and raising the floor.  What if instead of focusing on giant long-term goals and constantly thinking we have to go all out from day 1 (raising the baraka our ceiling), we instead poured our efforts into raising the floor by starting off slower at a more manageable level and incrementally improved by stacking small habits over time.  

For those that are looking to lose weight or maybe are still riding the momentum of your New Year’s resolutions, this thought can be compared to making the hardest day getting to the gym and eating right a successful day because you remained consistent. When we strive to raise our average performance through consistency instead of chasing perfection, we lower the risk of burning out and maximize our results for a much longer period of time. When we focus on raising our floor, we begin to make good and bad days almost identical in performance and results which makes consistent improvement almost guaranteed.  By throttling back our intensity just slightly by stacking smaller habits over time we give our body and mind the opportunity to adapt to the workload and start to push past it without the much higher levels of soreness, exhaustion, overwhelm, and extra required recovery time that we may not quite be ready for yet.

On a private zoom call recently with the world’s foremost expert in living longer and maximizing human performance along the way, Dr. Peter Attia, he made mention multiple times about the correlation between staying fit into the twilight of one’s life and a consistent effort that rarely entered a maximal/all out level of intensity. The reason being people that lived in a consistent all-or-nothing mentality eventually found themselves repeatedly injured, exhausted, and unable to progress and subsequently being left behind by those with slightly more modest approaches to fitness and nutrition. His scientific conclusion was simple, raise the floor of your workouts and nutrition habits no matter what struggles may be in your way so that you are always getting a successful result.

This is not to say there is not a place and time for maxout efforts in fitness and nutrition.  They still matter and ultimately offer amazing benefits to your health and wellbeing.  They should just be done with calculated risk, something our programming takes into consideration.  Along with the workout programming, our nutrition programs are built on a habit-based approach that will help you start at level you are currently at and help you to take the appropriate next steps to achieve long-term success that can be utilized for the rest of your life.  Add in a Client Success Manager dedicated to helping you succeed every step along the way and coaches ready to work with you at each class and also during your 90-day goal setting sessions and you can see why we have been able to hep hundreds of local people lose weight and feel better about themselves.

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