Lizzie Michael

Lizzie Michael

Coach, Personal Trainer

Squat- 200#

Deadlift- 303#

Mile time-7:18


Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Certified Nutrition Coach

Functional Movement Therapy

About Coach

I never got to play sports growing up but I did grow up on a farm in Pennsylvania. I learned hard work, how to drive a tractor, and care for the animals. I started Crossfit in 2011 and found a love of fitness and the community. My gym, Stroud Crossfit became my family. In 2013, I joined the Army as a Military Police Officer. The hard work and healthy lifestyle paid off. After coming back from Deployment, I moved out to California, started school, and became a trainer, and continued my fitness journey.

Turning Point

I struggled with anxiety and depression... I found an amazing therapy in fitness and helping others. It helped me clear my mind and focus on rising above the stress of life. I thrived in the Army. But I found after deployment, and the injuries and PTSD that came along with it, I felt out of control of life and everything around me. I felt I’d never get back to lifting and enjoying the gym. I definitely doubted my ability to recover. It’s so easy to sick into darkness. I knew I wasn’t alone in this. Working out and eating healthy helped me rise above it and keep a feeling of control mentally emotionally and physically. It takes constant work but it does work! I am living proof and I am here to help others do the same.

Motivation & Passion

I have a passion for helping gym members, personal training or nutrition clients find movement, mobility, stability and strength again after injuries. We also reach that mental and emotional strength by building confidence in their minds and bodies again!

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