Chris Williams

Chris Williams


Squat: 320

Deadlift: 375

Bench: 200

Lost over 100 pounds since starting CrossFit in 2013


MBA in Marketing from Saint Mary's College of CA

CrossFit Level 1 Aerobic Capacity Certified

About Coach

I played competitive sports year round until I was 18 years old. I excelled at golf and continue to compete on the amateur level to this day. I started CrossFit as a way to lose weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle. What I did not realize is it would become my life's passion and all of the friendships I would make from it. 7 years later I am as happy about the decision as I was day 1!

Turning Point

At the time I decided I wanted to join a CrossFit gym I was at over 400 pounds and was consistently depressed and lost on where to even start a weight loss journey. Joining CFT gave me the confidence, knowledge, and plan to see my way through 100 pounds of weight loss and accomplishing physical feats I thought had been lost in high school.

Motivation & Passion

I want to help other realize that not knowing where to start is ok. YOU do not have to know every step you need to take, you just need to find the right guide to help you get there. I want to be that guide for you and show you there is so much more you can accomplish than you give yourself credit for.

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