YOU are Your Greatest Investment

Invest in yourself. If you struggle to find the time to improve your own health this blog is for you.
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

When we think about investing and getting a return we primarily think of money.  Things like the stock market, real estate, and 401K’s often are discussed when investing is the subject.  What is rarely the subject and should be discussed far more often is investing in ourselves.  Why is the idea of investing in ourselves so difficult to process for most when the rate of return can be nearly infinite?

Let’s start with this question and have you simmer on it for at least 60 seconds (set a timer to stay honest if needed).  How much would you pay to live one extra year if you knew when you were supposed to die? Now that you have put that question deep into your brain and have a general idea on how much an extra year is worth to you (point of fact: there is no right answer), let’s dive into some research findings on the benefits of exercise and longevity.

In 13 recent studies, including ones conducted by Harvard University, research found that 75-150 minutes of vigorous exercise (like what we do at CFT– CrossFit) can increase your longevity on average between 0.4-6 YEARS!  

Why such a wide range? The study was administered to men and women ages 13-80 so some may not have had a lot of time to reverse many decades of little to no exercise.  This makes it even more important to start NOW!

If vigorous exercise requires being built up to, start with walking at pace you can maintain for 20-30 minutes daily and build up speed then time from there.  Slowly add in bodyweight exercises like knee pushups, squats to a chair, and sit-ups.  Eventually you will ger to the point where vigorous exercise in a consistent habit in your life.

You’re probably waiting for a sales pitch next on how you can sign up at CFT to start the process to increasing your longevity.  We would love to take a personal approach towards helping your journey to living a longer healthier life.  Our Mission is to help 5000 people in the Tracy area beat chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. and remove the financial disparity that comes from mounting hospital bills, insurance claims, and prescription medication costs (freeing up money to re-invest in yourself!).  If this blog encourages you to simply start walking in your neighborhood 20-30 minutes per day than we are staying true to our Mission just the same as you physically joining CFT.

Try investing that time and effort into yourself and receive a rate of return that cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.  If you need additional help and are looking for the additional accountability of a professional coach and plan, you can book a No Sweat Intro HERE

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