Why You Have to Do It Yourself

Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

I have a piece of advice for you that I learned the hard way during my first real serious attempt at weight loss.  

At the time I had lost about 70 pounds while working with a coach for fitness and diet.  

I felt like nothing could stop me until that little bit of doubt started to creep in.  The negative thoughts that had helped me achieve the heaviest weight I had ever been started to take root and my attitude began to change for the worse.  

But, in my naivety, I figured my coach would do what I incorrectly thought his job was and he would essentially force me to do the right things.

Fun fact for all of you reading this, your coaches are not going to do it for you or force you to fight through the rough patches or to get started.  They’re not going to show up at your house at 5am to make sure you’re awake and you eat a healthy breakfast despite what you may have seen on one of those weight loss/transformation tv shows (that is a whole topic for another day).  

The bottom line is your parents were right all along. No one is going to come and rescue you and make you do what you’re supposed to do.  That responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

It's great to have a support system and we have done a solid job of building that culture of support and love into the culture here at CFT Fitness but that’s not enough when it gets really dark.  That is when you need those small positive habits that you have stacked up over a period of time to take the wheel.

But what happens when we, as humans tend to do, ignore those for the “easy way”?  

If you’re like me, you probably first look for anyone or anything other than yourself to blame.  You start with family/friends around you that may not be living like you.

Then you progress to trying to pin the blame on your coaches that should have been able to read your mind and show up like a knight in shining armor at your home to slap that spoonful of ice cream out of your hand or make you go to bed instead of watching a 3rd episode of Yellowstone.  Ok, maybe I’m getting a little too specific about myself, but you get the idea.

The point is that I have failed at completing my goal of losing all my unwanted weight multiple times and it always came down to my own mental fortitude and lacking the clarity that no one was coming to save me or do it for me.  

Recently, during my journey into positive self-development I came to the epiphany that I was never a victim in my failed attempts.  I just wasn’t clear on my own personal roles and responsibilities in my weight loss journey.  With that understanding, I have found a way to push through obstacles that in the past would have turned me right back around to the comfortable yet painful life I was previously living.  

Thanks to these small habits stacked up over time that I have learned from the fitness and nutrition coaches at CFT Fitness, I am free of any chronic diseases I was facing due to my obesity.  

Do you feel equally stuck or like there is some immovable object in your way to success in weight loss or fitness?  

Start with reminding yourself consistently that no one is coming to make you do the right thing and the only person you can blame if you give up is yourself.  That subtle shift in mindset has completely changed the direction of my life.  

Reach out anytime to myself or our Client Success Manager, Katie, if you feel like you need that friendly reminder of what you’re truly capable of and how we can support you through the rough patch.

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