CFT Coaching Staff

Learn about our Coaching Staff and the expectations they strive to live up to as a part of the CFT Staff
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

Our staff is friendly, approachable, and highly qualified to coach at CFT Fitness. They are built and determined to get our clients the best results possible regardless of the circumstances.  Our staff can often be found going above and beyond before and after classes ensuring our clients are gaining the knowledge they seek.

There are a vast array of certificates and credentials that can be obtained in the fitness world.  All our coaches have been certified to a level that allows them to be insured and qualified to coach at CFT.

Coaches are selected on several personality traits that includes a passion for helping others.  We provide the fundamental training in house through our Coaching Internship program along with mentorship from our veteran coaches to guarantee all our coaches meet or exceed the high standards expected of them to remain a coach at CFT.  Once they become coaches at CFT they continue to receive weekly ongoing development through our inhouse Coaching Development program.

Our coaching staff is expected to constantly seek out continued education opportunities and are given a yearly education stipend to spend on those opportunities that interest them.  Above and beyond continued education our coaches attend monthly staff meetings, weekly coaching development, and receive consistent formal and informal evaluations to solidify that our clients receive the optimum opportunities to succeed.

Our staff is carefully selected, trained, and continually expected to improve their craft for one specific purpose and that is to help our clients find success at CFT.

If you are interested in learning more about CFT, our coaching staff, and our programs book a complimentary No Sweat Intro here: Change Your Life

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