Accomplishing the Hard Stuff #3 - It Takes What It Takes

This is the final entry in the Accomplishing Hard Stuff Series. Hopefully it helped you stay the course on your resolutions for 2023!
Chris Williams
August 5, 2022

Throughout this series about accomplishing hard tasks, we have discussed multiple areas where you may have wanted to improve or complete a long-term goal.

Today, we are putting a bow on this series by discussing the truth to accomplish hard things, important things, and just about all things.  

In the end, it takes what it takes to accomplish the task.  There is no easy button or fast forward option like in the Adam Sandler movie, “Click”.  What I have strived to do in this series is offer some insights based on years of successes, failures, and summarize much of the research I have completed in the past 2 years on how to finally breakthrough and complete the hardest things in my life.

I have learned over the past few years of intense mental growth that struggle and hardship are going to happen no matter how positive your thinking is. It will happen no matter how deeply you have envisioned and manifested your goals.  Struggle and hardship are a few of the many obstacles that make the difference between the people that complete the hardest things in their lives and those that do not.

Most of us know this already and yet, somehow, we do not utilize this knowledge in the moment of our greatest struggles because our mind is more concerned with taking control and putting us into a more comfortable environment.  This is one of the many reasons it is important to get comfortable being uncomfortable whenever you can.  

We discussed this in the last blog post when going over how to raise the floor on your fitness level so even a bad day can be combated thanks to consistency being easily able to take the wheel.  If your mind is used to being in uncomfortable situations and knows that there is a positive result ahead, you will be more likely to get through that hardship and get to the calm on the other side.  

If you commit to doing what it takes including embracing the mistakes, mishaps, diversions, and everything else that comes with doing the hard things in life there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  Let’s keep doing hard things and do what it takes to come out the other side better for it!

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