We have carefully designed a variety of programs for all ages, sizes and experience levels.

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Our Programs and Trainers are what makes CFT great.
We have carefully designed a variety of programs for all ages, sizes and experience levels.

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CFT 60

“Fitness Redefined”

CFT 60 is our signature 60-minute class that is constantly redefining what it means to be fit and healthy. CFT 60 is designed to be a slightly more complex class introducing the barbell in functional lifts like the back squat, and deadlift, while still being very beginner friendly. This class is built to assist people just starting out to become comfortable with weightlifting and high-intensity-interval- training (HIIT), while still offering an opportunity for advanced athletes to scale up the difficulty to fit their needs. These 60-minute instructor-led classes are the perfect for anyone wanting to look, feel, and move better.



CrossFit is provided through our CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit Tracy. CrossFit Tracy has been providing a safe and friendly environment for all Tracy-area CrossFit enthusiasts since 2010. The first CrossFit Affiliate in Tracy, we have spent many years establishing a style all our own that caters to beginner athletes (starting with our On-Ramp program) and veteran athletes alike. All workouts are fully customizable and scalable to each person’s individual needs. Combining more complex movements like Olympic lifts and advanced gymnastics; there is no
glass ceiling in terms of how far can go with your fitness! These classes are all led by, at minimum, CrossFit Level 1 instructors that have been trained extensively in teaching all the movements common to CrossFit and general fitness. These classes, combined with a strong nutrition plan, can help you to achieve even the most extreme fitness goals, while feeling a part of something much larger than yourself.

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