We have carefully designed a variety of programs for all ages, sizes and experience levels.

While all of our programs are custom to your needs,
our personal trainers are able to fully customize a program just for you!

Our personal programs are developed to: 

  • Help you define and create lifelong lifestyle changes.

  • Give you a long-term plan to maintain your lifestyle changes.

  • Offer the motivation needed to get through every high and low.

  • Give you the accountability to know you’ll never be alone in this journey.

  • Develop workouts that are never the same and always moving you one step closer to your goals.

  • The best experience you can find for your time! You will never have an “off day”
    working with our highly enthusiastic, skilled, and knowledgeable trainers.


What else comes with our Personal Training Programs: 

  • Access via text and email with your Trainer for constant motivation and encouragement.

  • Customized workouts that fit your needs and fitness capabilities.

  • Knowledgeable trainers so you can avoid injuries and plateaus
    that come with working out on your own or in a large group class setting.

  • Monthly Body Fat Scans to measure your progress.

  • Access to the area’s premier functional fitness facility and equipment.